Andreas Thaulow / 1980 / Copenhagen / +4550707215

My approach

My experience as a writer, director, editor and photographer has provided me with a broad technical knowhow, combined with a storycraft and a certain style of storytelling. This unique combination is what I can offer to help people to tell authentic stories. 

Storytelling is when images are combined to create entirely new meanings or ideas. It’s something that happens between the images, between the different parts of the story and in the relationship between content and the style. This is why I think that the flow and dynamics of a film is so important. Each moment must lead to the next. Authenticity and truthfulness are also very importent when you tell a story. Because while all stories are manipulated, that should not show. If we don’t believe that the messenger is authentic and truthful, the content doesn’t really matter anymore. Authenticity creates trust, indentification and is a necessary condition for empathy to arise between the people in the story and the viewer who in turn is more likely to enjoy and remember it.

Some projects require a team, for instance if time is scarce or the message needs to be carefully controlled, it may be better and cheaper to have more people on set. I have a large network of freelancers that I can draw on for this. While a one-man production unit can never fully replace a team of individual experts, there are some great advantages of being a small and flexible unit. Planning is so much easier when only one person has to show up. So many meetings don’t have to take place and there is a continuity of information and style that can be difficult and costly to achieve in a team. A team that doesn’t have the time to talk things through can be actively harmful and very expensive. These are some reasons why I can deliver quality films at a competative cost. 


The total cost of producing a film is determined by many factors, and attempting to put a general pricetag on it can be misleading. If you are interested in what I can offer, reach out to me with a summery of your project and situation, and I will get back to you with an offer. 

Curriculum vitae 

2013-2023: Freelance Filmmaker in Thaulow Film. I’ve done assignements as a director, editor, photographer and producer. Check out my media carousel for more.

2009-2012: Studied Film Direction at super16. Over the course of the three year program, I wrote and directed three fictional main films in addition to other smaller projects.  

2007-2009: Masters degree at the University of Copenhagen. My master thesis  examined the role of moral judgement and emotion in how viewers perceive and understand narrative films.

2003-2006: Bachelor degree at the University of Copenhagen. Film– and mediascience with philosophy as third year.

2002-2003: Filmstudies at the European Filmcollege in Ebeltoft

1980-2002: I lived in and around Trondheim, Norway, where I was born and raised, went to highschool and worked various jobs in industry and education.