Jægerbørn / Young Guns


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GotFat production

Produced and edited by Emil Johnson

This film is not available to the public yet. You may request a private link through the contact form.

How do young boys act in a community that is created in the crossfire between unruly youth and strict traditions?

When the students of Helgenæs Boarding School go hunting together, it is primarily about what gets shot and who shoots it. But for these youngsters, who seem to find themselves somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, the hunt is a focal point for a shared culture as well as an identity. It becomes their way of tackling the transition into adulthood.

The sun is not up yet. A group of teenagers are lurking in a bush, hoping to surprise a flock of passing geese. The prime focus for these hunting teenagers is what gets shot and who shoots it. Yet under the numerous layers of camouflage and wool underwear, you will find three boys in their mid-teens attending Helgenæs Boarding School.

The film provides a fascinating view into a very unique world, where the students of an Boarding School in the eastern Jutland carry weapons during class. Hunting is essential for the community and it plays a crucial role in the teenageboys journey to become men. What other teenage boys might seek in football, music and Instagram, these unusual teenagers find in shotguns, hunting dogs and savage nature.

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