Previous projects

Previous Projects

Life Fonden
I worked in different roles and capacities –cinematographer, editor, and director/producer– on a number of educational films that are part of the teaching courses developed by the Life Foundation.
Nordic Reward Partners
We've developed a video blog about the EU Pay Transparency Directive and all things rewards together. I produce the videos and I take still photos, business portraits and events.
video blog
Unleash - Stina Resting
A one man production about a talented textile artist
The Change Agent - Reflex Film
I was the editor on this short documentary about Sofia from Sweden, who wants to build a school in a South-African township. Produced by Reflex Film.
En Ny Værdighed - Anker Bak
A one man production about a designer who wants to change the way we think about aging and death.
Demokratiets Dag - DUF
One man production about a Danish Youth Councel project, Day of Democracy, that aims to strengthen the democratic confidence of youth.
Undomsdelegater - DUF
A one man production that I did for the Danish Youth Council. The film is about the Danish youth delegates to EU and UN.
Danida - M2Film
I was brough on as an editor on this project for Danida and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The film shows how Denmark helps poor contries tackle climate change.
Sjómaq - DUF
A one man production abou at Danish Youth Councel initiative to strengthen cooperation between youth in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Den Lille Danserinde - Glyptoteket
I edited this lilttle film for producer and photographer Andreas Omvik. The film is about how the Museum went about refitting an old statue with a new skirt.
Microtub - microtonal tuba trio
A one man production about three tubaplayers looking for radical reverbs
Indieland - Fono
I worked as an editor on this project for Hacienda Film about norwegian indiemusic.
Sol Lewitt - Nasjonamuseet
I worked as an editor on this project for Hacienda Film about the installation of a Sol Lewitt wall drawing in the Norwegian National Museum.
Nordens Unge i Bæredygtige Fælleskaber
A one man production about an initiative from the Danish Youth Council (DUF), urging nordic youth to work together.
Leaders in Bioscience - Chr. Hansen
I was hired as shooting director for this project by GotFat productions. I was not involved in the postproduction.
Rodin - Glyptoteket
I edited two films about a Rodin exhibition at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The films was directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
Kunst i Kanalbyen - Fredericia
I was the editor on this film about architecture and art. Photographed and directed by Andreas Omvik.
Margrete den første - SF Film
I was the assistant editor (b-klipper) on this historic production.
Jægerbørn / Young guns
I directed and shot this short documentary about a group of teenagers who love hunting and the outdoors. Produced by Got Fat Productions.
Midtre Gauldal Kommune
I was the editor on two short commercials for a rural municipal in Norway, seeking to attract new inhabitants. Produced by Spætt Film
Kundskap for en bedre verden - NTNU
I was the editor on 5 commercials for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Produced by Spætt Film
Eidsberg / Askim / Indre Østfold - Billy Bud
I was the editor on three commercials for three Norwegian municipals. The films were produced by Billy Bud.
Mistenker du menneskehandel - Rosa
A one man production. Two short films for Rosa, an Oslo-based organisation working against human trafficking.
Routesetters - Thaulow Film
A one man production about three routsetters preparing for a climbing competition in Copenhagen. This was a personal project that I wanted to do about a sport that I care about. It was bought and screened by EpicTV.
Älskade Araby - Regionteatern Blekinge & Kronoberg
I edited films that were projected in a theatre play in Sweden. The films were directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
Norske Talenter
I edited 30 VB's for the tv-show, Norske talenter (Norway's got talent)
I was an editor on the 2020 season of Norwegian Idol.
Creative Business Cup
I filmed, directed and edited this film about this business event. Produced by CPH Live.
Chaos in Change - Christina Dahl
I filmed and soundrecorded a concert for saxophone-player Christina Dahl.
Camping Orchestern - Fastpoholmen
I directed this music video for the Danish/Swedish band, Fastpoholmen. Produced by CPH Live.
We Shelter - DFDS
A one man production for dfds about their annual christmasdinner for the homeless.
Art of Service - axeb lab solutions
A one man production for a medical equipments provider and service agency.
Ferm Living
I edited this commercial which was directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
I edited a handful of short films about architecture, produced and directed by Ole Stenum.
Komiker for en aften -Respirator Media
I edited five episodes of this tv-program about Danish celebrities trying to be stand-up comedians.
Klassen (Sverige) - STV
I was an editor on season 1 & 2 of this Swedish youth drama.
Friheden - official trailer
I edited the official trailer and teasers for this Danish Viaplay Tv-series.
Ford Service - Shoot Happens
I edited three short commercials about for service. Directed by Nikolaj Mortensen.
Anour - lamp designer
A one man production. A series of short instagramfilms for a lamp designer.
Din Geniale Krop -. Koncern TV
I was an editor on this television science program.
Versus - Mastiff TV
I was an editor on a season of the Danish television program Versus.
A one man production about an adventure photographer who goes to the Faroe Islands to be part of a rock-climbing project. Produced by Thaulow Film.
Frame by frame
I worked as a shooting director on a number of projects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway for their clients such as: Implement; Stora Enso; Solar; Novo Nordisk; SKAT
Aller Media
I worked as a shooting director and editor on a number of small projects for Aller Media. Primarily shooting interviews for their client Lederne.
Chimney Group
I worked as a shooting director on a few different projects for Chimeny Group and their clients: Alm. Brand; Lotto; Takeda.
Modem for Percussion
A one man production about a drum duo. Produced by Thaulow Film.
Scandic - The Vertical Penalty
I was one of the photographers on this commercial for Scandic Hotel. Produced by Spætt Film.
Skoda - &Co
I edited a skoda commercial produced by &Co.
Lasse Funch - MUVE
I did a short film for Musikforeningen Vesterbro about a jazz-drummer.
Vikar Danmark
A one man production. Three short commericals.
Tango Jalousie - Ronni Kot Wenzell
A one man production. A music film about Ronni and his virtuous adaption of Tango Jalousie for Marimba.
Guldgravere - screenplay
I wrote and developed a screenplay for a Norwegian short film. The project was produced by Håvard Gossé Bergseth at Spætt Film and supported by the regional filmfund.
Aaron Biittner X-games - Skullcandy
I directed this branded content film about snowboarder Aaron Biittner at the Oslo X-Games.
Eye of the Needle - Jesper René
A one man production, short documentary about a pianist who plays Bach.
Danmarks Apotekerforening
A one man production - three short films about headaches.
Danmarks Nationalbank
A one man production - three short employer branding films. Produced for coreworkers.
Heart Mountain Children
A one man production - a short documentary about a group of Faroese climbers who go to Greenland to climb a hearth shaped mountain and visit the worlds most nothern ophanage.