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Storytelling expert with technical know-how.

Academic degree in media, trained as film director, 10 years of work experience as cinematographer, director, and editor. Additional good qualifications as writer, interviewer, producer, color grader, and sound designer. 

I’m a filmmaker based in Copenhagen where I studied film directing at super16 and film science at the University of Copenhagen. Since 2012, I have worked as a freelance director, videographer, and editor in the advertising and television industries, while occationally producing my own passion projects on the side. Much of my best work is in the role of a one-man production unit, delivering complete solutions for smaller film projects. Download my complete CV here

I approach filmmaking with the mindset of an editor, with an awareness that each moment of a film should lead to the next in a way that adds to the story and creates emotional progression and natural flow. 

If you are interested in what I have to offer, drop me an email and tell me about your company and what you need. I will get back to you with various options and price estimates.

  Here are some of the projects and people I’ve worked with over the years.                                                                                          Download CV

Life Fonden
I worked in different roles and capacities –cinematographer, editor, and director/producer– on a number of educational films that are part of the teaching courses developed by the Life Foundation.
Nordic Reward Partners
We've developed a video blog about the EU Pay Transparency Directive and all things rewards together. I produce the videos and I take still photos, business portraits and events.
video blog
Unleash - Stina Resting
A one man production about a talented textile artist
The Change Agent - Reflex Film
I was the editor on this short documentary about Sofia from Sweden, who wants to build a school in a South-African township. Produced by Reflex Film.
En Ny Værdighed - Anker Bak
A one man production about a designer who wants to change the way we think about aging and death.
Demokratiets Dag - DUF
One man production about a Danish Youth Councel project, Day of Democracy, that aims to strengthen the democratic confidence of youth.
Undomsdelegater - DUF
A one man production that I did for the Danish Youth Council. The film is about the Danish youth delegates to EU and UN.
Danida - M2Film
I was brough on as an editor on this project for Danida and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The film shows how Denmark helps poor contries tackle climate change.
Sjómaq - DUF
A one man production abou at Danish Youth Councel initiative to strengthen cooperation between youth in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Den Lille Danserinde - Glyptoteket
I edited this lilttle film for producer and photographer Andreas Omvik. The film is about how the Museum went about refitting an old statue with a new skirt.
Microtub - microtonal tuba trio
A one man production about three tubaplayers looking for radical reverbs
Indieland - Fono
I worked as an editor on this project for Hacienda Film about norwegian indiemusic.
Sol Lewitt - Nasjonamuseet
I worked as an editor on this project for Hacienda Film about the installation of a Sol Lewitt wall drawing in the Norwegian National Museum.
Nordens Unge i Bæredygtige Fælleskaber
A one man production about an initiative from the Danish Youth Council (DUF), urging nordic youth to work together.
Leaders in Bioscience - Chr. Hansen
I was hired as shooting director for this project by GotFat productions. I was not involved in the postproduction.
Rodin - Glyptoteket
I edited two films about a Rodin exhibition at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The films was directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
Kunst i Kanalbyen - Fredericia
I was the editor on this film about architecture and art. Photographed and directed by Andreas Omvik.
Margrete den første - SF Film
I was the assistant editor (b-klipper) on this historic production.
Jægerbørn / Young guns
I directed and shot this short documentary about a group of teenagers who love hunting and the outdoors. Produced by Got Fat Productions.
Midtre Gauldal Kommune
I was the editor on two short commercials for a rural municipal in Norway, seeking to attract new inhabitants. Produced by Spætt Film
Kundskap for en bedre verden - NTNU
I was the editor on 5 commercials for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Produced by Spætt Film
Eidsberg / Askim / Indre Østfold - Billy Bud
I was the editor on three commercials for three Norwegian municipals. The films were produced by Billy Bud.
Mistenker du menneskehandel - Rosa
A one man production. Two short films for Rosa, an Oslo-based organisation working against human trafficking.
Routesetters - Thaulow Film
A one man production about three routsetters preparing for a climbing competition in Copenhagen. This was a personal project that I wanted to do about a sport that I care about. It was bought and screened by EpicTV.
Älskade Araby - Regionteatern Blekinge & Kronoberg
I edited films that were projected in a theatre play in Sweden. The films were directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
Norske Talenter
I edited 30 VB's for the tv-show, Norske talenter (Norway's got talent)
I was an editor on the 2020 season of Norwegian Idol.
Creative Business Cup
I filmed, directed and edited this film about this business event. Produced by CPH Live.
Chaos in Change - Christina Dahl
I filmed and soundrecorded a concert for saxophone-player Christina Dahl.
Camping Orchestern - Fastpoholmen
I directed this music video for the Danish/Swedish band, Fastpoholmen. Produced by CPH Live.
We Shelter - DFDS
A one man production for dfds about their annual christmasdinner for the homeless.
Art of Service - axeb lab solutions
A one man production for a medical equipments provider and service agency.
Ferm Living
I edited this commercial which was directed and photographed by Andreas Omvik.
I edited a handful of short films about architecture, produced and directed by Ole Stenum.
Komiker for en aften -Respirator Media
I edited five episodes of this tv-program about Danish celebrities trying to be stand-up comedians.
Klassen (Sverige) - STV
I was an editor on season 1 & 2 of this Swedish youth drama.
Friheden - official trailer
I edited the official trailer and teasers for this Danish Viaplay Tv-series.
Ford Service - Shoot Happens
I edited three short commercials about for service. Directed by Nikolaj Mortensen.
Anour - lamp designer
A one man production. A series of short instagramfilms for a lamp designer.
Din Geniale Krop -. Koncern TV
I was an editor on this television science program.
Versus - Mastiff TV
I was an editor on a season of the Danish television program Versus.
A one man production about an adventure photographer who goes to the Faroe Islands to be part of a rock-climbing project. Produced by Thaulow Film.
Frame by frame
I worked as a shooting director on a number of projects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway for their clients such as: Implement; Stora Enso; Solar; Novo Nordisk; SKAT
Aller Media
I worked as a shooting director and editor on a number of small projects for Aller Media. Primarily shooting interviews for their client Lederne.
Chimney Group
I worked as a shooting director on a few different projects for Chimeny Group and their clients: Alm. Brand; Lotto; Takeda.
Modem for Percussion
A one man production about a drum duo. Produced by Thaulow Film.
Scandic - The Vertical Penalty
I was one of the photographers on this commercial for Scandic Hotel. Produced by Spætt Film.
Skoda - &Co
I edited a skoda commercial produced by &Co.
Lasse Funch - MUVE
I did a short film for Musikforeningen Vesterbro about a jazz-drummer.
Vikar Danmark
A one man production. Three short commericals.
Tango Jalousie - Ronni Kot Wenzell
A one man production. A music film about Ronni and his virtuous adaption of Tango Jalousie for Marimba.
Guldgravere - screenplay
I wrote and developed a screenplay for a Norwegian short film. The project was produced by Håvard Gossé Bergseth at Spætt Film and supported by the regional filmfund.
Aaron Biittner X-games - Skullcandy
I directed this branded content film about snowboarder Aaron Biittner at the Oslo X-Games.
Eye of the Needle - Jesper René
A one man production, short documentary about a pianist who plays Bach.
Danmarks Apotekerforening
A one man production - three short films about headaches.
Danmarks Nationalbank
A one man production - three short employer branding films. Produced for coreworkers.
Heart Mountain Children
A one man production - a short documentary about a group of Faroese climbers who go to Greenland to climb a hearth shaped mountain and visit the worlds most nothern ophanage.

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